“Without even having met this amazing group of men or seeing them live, I could feel down to my nerve endings how their incredible lineup builds off of each other's creativity”- Allyson Kingsley (Boston Rock Radio)”

Allyson Kingsley-Boston Rock Radio

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August 12, 2019

Psycle is proud to announce that they will be entering the studio on August 20th to record the follow up to their EP "Surfaces". The new full length album will be titled "Kill the Machine". There will be a lot of updates in the coming weeks on how everyone can be a part of the album process and bringing the music to life. Stay tuned!

March 14th

Psycle has been selected to play the main stage at the 39th East Providence Heritage Festival on July 12th

March 11,2019

Psycle will be opening the night for Bobaflex at The Vault and Greasy Luck Pub in New Bedford MA on June 26th. Get your tickets now!

January 17,2019

Happy New Year Everyone! Psycle is excited to announce that they will be playing their first show date of the year on January 26th at Drafters in Dudley MA opening the night for the KISS Tribute " Dr.Strangeways. More show announcements soon!